What We Do

Public History

We produce public histories that tell the stories of people, organisations and communities.

Oral History

We produce oral histories that capture life stories, share memories and bring histories to life with the recollections of lived experiences.

Social Policy

We develop social policy in collaboration with our clients across a broad range of issues.

Perspectives in policy

We combine the skills of social policy advocacy and oral history to capture the human dimensions of social policy issues.

Award winning

Well Chosen Words was awarded the Community Diversity Award at the 2020 Victorian Community History Awards for our work producing 'The Boîte: History through music, song & story.'

about the director

Jen Rose

Jen is an accredited member of the Professional Historians Association of Victoria (PHA Vic) and member of Oral History Victoria. Jen also has extensive experience in social policy, social research and project management, with over 15 years experience working in the Victorian community services sector. Jen brings her skills to work with a broad range of clients and partners - from individuals and families commissioning oral histories, through to organisations, government departments, cultural institutions, universities and community networks.

Recent Work

The Boîte: History through music, song and story
We developed ‘The Boîte: history through music, song and story.’ This digital history website draws on oral history interviews, film and music recordings to tell the history of Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation in its 40th year. We were awarded the Community Diversity Award of the 2020 Victorian Community History Awards for this project.
Academic research – music cities and broadcasting
Our Director, Jen Rose has been a member of the research team developing the Australian Research Council funded project ‘Interrogating the music city: cultural economy and popular music in Melbourne’ (Monash University and RMIT) as well as providing archival and historical research services to Monash University for the Australian Research Council funded project ‘Cultural conversations: a history of the ABC Radio National network.’
The Push 30th anniversary documentary project
Our Director, Jen Rose worked with community arts organisation The Push and KEWL studios to create the documentary ‘Pushing 30: Three Decades of The Push.’ Jen undertook historical research drawing from The Push collection and contributed scriptwriting.
‘The Bridge’ anniversary history project
We worked with historian Alicia Cerreto (project lead) to provided historical research and content development to ‘The Bridge history project’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of the service.
Victorian Council of Social Service
We worked with the staff and members of the Victorian Council of Social Service to develop policy submissions.
Yarra Valley Water
Worked with Yarra Valley Water on the development of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
Koorie Youth Council
We worked with the Koorie Youth Council to develop social policy submissions in response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence and in response to the What’s Important to YOUth? consultation process of the Office for Youth, Department of Health and Human Services. We also contributed to the development of the Ngaga-dji project which voices the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Victoria’s youth justice system.
Victorian School Representative Council
We worked with the Victorian Student Representative Council to develop policy briefing material in relation to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses on Child Sexual Abuse.
We worked with VicHealth to develop a scoping document exploring youth engagement practices.
Middle Years in Whittlesea
We worked with the Whittlesea Youth Commitment, the Hume/Whittlesea LLEN and the City of Whittlesea to develop the strategic document Middle Years in Whittlesea: A Collective Response. A Municipal Middle Years Strategy for the City of Whittlesea.
We worked with Trace Research (project lead) on a alcohol and other drugs consumer, carer and community engagement project to identify good practice in consumer participation for integration with broader primary health care sector engagement. We also worked with Trace Research (project lead) and Carswell Consultancy on an alcohol and other drug workforce development project in which we developed a desktop review aligning the findings of a local needs analysis with current knowledge about training for health professionals and health practitioners, and a training plan that includes advice regarding implementation.