Oral History

Batteries and machinery of a ham radio set

Oral History is a practice of sharing cultural or personal stories through the spoken word. Oral histories can be a very personal way of recording a life story, leaving a record of an individuals memories told in their own voice. It can be a great way to capture the personal experiences of people involved in an event, movement or organisation. Oral history allows the sharing of knowledge and reveals historic details, observations and perspectives that are often missing from the ‘official record’.

At Well Chosen Words, we undertake oral history interviews for a range of purposes: in order to capture a life story; as a contribution to a family history; as a component of a broader historical or cultural project. Oral histories offer important historical source information as research for organisational or community histories or exhibitions. Oral histories can be developed into multiple formats –  a simple audio recording as a family keepsake; an audio documentary or audio feature within an exhibition; or narrative for multi-media digital histories.